The Attic / Basement

The attic or the basement can have a connotation of being a scary, disorganized place. Perhaps your furnace is down there and it makes funny sounds; and it is dark, cobwebs in corners, and smells a little musty? If you are fortunate enough to have an attic or basement, you most likely store items there which you either use only once a year or maybe once in a decade. It is a place where you find old treasures from childhood or relatives. But it can also be a place where you find mold and critter residues. If your treasures aren't properly stored they can be damaged from the temperature changes that occur during the year. It is also no fun if you don't find what you are looking for when you try to set up holiday decorations or want to take that camping trip. If you in addition also rent a storage unit, it could be very likely that you are storing a lot of items which aren't really worth keeping.


Let's Get Organized in Your Attic and Basement!


By organizing those areas, you can save a lot of money! Tidy Solutions organizes your spaces so that you have easy access to the items you will use. It will be easily accessible and we can provide simple solutions to organize your space, such as placing labels on water tight storage bins and even creating a map of where your items are located. Organizing in an attic or basement is a tough job, and having a pair of professional organizer hands (and legs!) at your disposal will help get the job done quickly and easily. 



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