Organizng in the Bedroom with Tidy Solutions Portland

The Bedroom

Is your bedroom a peaceful space for you to retreat to; for rest and romance, and emerge from feeling refreshed and renewed? We all know that there are many factors involved in getting a good night sleep.  For me one of the most important factor however is your sleep environment.

Getting Organized in the Bedroom

​Clutter and distracting electronics can be major sleep thieves. Does your bedroom serves more than one purpose? Is your bedroom is also your office? This can make it challenging to achieve sufficient rest because you are constantly reminded of the things that need to get done. There are many ways to create a bedroom sanctuary. This space should symbolize your relationship with yourself, your partner and the most important things in your life. Other than maybe your office, you spend a majority of your time in your bedroom, especially if you get the recommended six to eight hours of sleep at night. 

How a Professional Organizer Can Help You


If a client wants to organize the whole house but is not sure where to get started, I often recommend starting in the bedroom. You can feel the difference right away and it creates the momentum to keep going.  Organizers are trained to help clients create the space they are dreaming of - and deserve! Give yourself the gift of a tidy and organized bedroom, and call for your free consultation. 



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