Organizng in the Family Room with Tidy Solution Portland

The Family Room

Like the kitchen, the family room is used every day and it is a place where many activities happen. This includes watching television, reading books, playing games, family gatherings or playing instruments. Different families come up with different uses for this room.

The Family Room of a Professional Organizer

If you walked into my family room on a average weekday, you wouldn't think that I am an organizer. Our family room just doesn't stay organized for long. Life happens and there is no stopping it. There are always left behind toys, magazines, books and socks...always socks! Despite this, I do have some surefire organizing systems in place to help make tidying a breeze - for everyone. 

Solutions for Organizing the Family Room

With a few simple systems in place, you can make straightening up feel like a breeze. We enjoy having movie nights as a family. But I can't enjoy watching a movie if there is too much clutter on the floor or on the couch. So before we start the movie we quickly put the books back on the shelf, the magazines in the magazine holder next to the couch. All the toys and clothes go in the basket which is located close to the stairs. You can deal with the basket contents right away or just do it after the movie. Either way it will be done in no time.


If you feel like your family room is a total mess and you just can't keep up with keeping it tidy, look around and start with the easy parts. First; remove the garbage. Second; get a bin or two or three and put everything in there which you know doesn't belong in this room. Third; sort the content from the bins and put it in its home. If it doesn't have one ask yourself where would you would look for if you needed it. Create a home for it in an area close to where you would use it. If you get stuck, contact me for a free consultation at the number below!



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