The Guest Room


Did you intentionally buy your home because it had an extra bedroom? Your plan was to use it as a guest room for family and out of town friends? What happened to this room? For a lot of people this extra room serves as a dumping ground where you'll deal with the contents later. Quickly that pile gets larger and larger and before you know it, you can't use it as a guest room any longer. There is no place to put all those things anywhere else.

Before Organizing, Ask Yourself This Question


Do you really need a guest room? Could this room maybe have a better purpose instead? Sometimes overthinking our original plans help to get better use out of our homes. If you really want to use it as a guest room, get it organized and tackle that pile. Find a storage space for the items where it will be used. Often there are items that need to be returned to the store. Put them close to your car or even in the car. Make an appointment in your calendar "return items to store". If you have items to donate create a central donation location. I have two small bins in my laundry room for clothes to donate and a bigger bin in the garage.

An Organizing Tip for the Guest Room

Invite someone to come over and stay the night. This will give you the momentum you need to start clearing the clutter in the guest room and recreating a peaceful oasis for your guests! Get stuck? Call me for a free consultation!



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