Kid Bedrooms

For a busy family, having a tidy kids' room isn’t the first priority. In our home, we have to remind our kids over and over to tidy up and it just takes them forever! And in no time it looks just like before. 


Here's a Secret to an Organized Kid Zone


If you have ever visited a Montessori preschool, you were probably amazed how those little kids are able to play quietly and when finished, tidy up after themselves. This is because the Montessori philosophy creates an environment that is ideal for kids.  The toys are easily accessible which means they can be put away easy. If a kid has to reach up too high or the bin has a lid, they most likely will not do it. A good option for organizing in kids spaces is to place pictures of items on bins, which helps them to remember the right spot to put it away.


We often overwhelm our kids with too many toys. They can’t focus on just the one and end up taking all the toys out and are then too overwhelmed to clean it up. Decluttering and organizing are two incredible gifts you can give your children AND yourself. Teaching our kids to be organized is great habit to start that will help them their entire life!



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