Organizng in the Kitchen wih Tidy Solutions Portland

The Kitchen

The kitchen is often the command center of the home. Not only is it a place to prepare and eat food; it’s a place where homework is done, news is read, planning and list making occurs.


Where My Organizing Clients Feel Pain in the Kitchen

With of all this activity, the kitchen can feel chaotic. To start dinner you have to move the pile of mail away. To set the table, it has to be cleared of all the items accumulated during the day. Quickly you grab everything and pile it on the corner of your counter which seems to be a landing space for all the items that don’t have a home.  That’s usually the pile where homework goes missing or that library book becomes lost and forgotten. The junk drawer with all the tiny items like rubber bands, stationary, baggies, extra hair ties, flashlight, matches, coupons and gift cards; if it is small and has no designated home that is where it lands. Perhaps you don’t remember it being in there so when you need it, you won’t be able to find it.


Ready for Some Peace and Organization in the Busiest Space in the Home?


Let’s work together and tackle that drawer, your pantry, the kitchen table or the whole kitchen and make it a place where mealtimes run more smoothly. A place where you can enjoy your family and catch up talking about the day. Let’s find a home for every item in the kitchen and make it easy for everyone to remember where it goes.  Perhaps this will include a new goal to tidy up each day before mealtime or at the end of the day. When you continue to clear your surfaces off, you will feel energized each time you first step foot in your kitchen the next morning.



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