The Laundry room

The laundry room can be a real challenge to get organized. Especially if you barely have a laundry room! If you live in a small apartment, you may only have a closet as a laundry room.


Creating an Organizing System to Deal with Laundry


Getting the laundry room organized can make life so much easier! Here is one tip. Take notes for one to two weeks every day, answering one question: Where do you find laundry in your home? Soon you will discover that you have specific habits about where to dump your clothes. For example, I always have clothes piling up right next to my bed my husband leaves his clothes on the floor of the walk-in closet. So I put a nice decorated laundry bin with no lid next to my bed. That makes it easy for me to just throw it in there, and because its a nice looking bin it doesn't border me. I also put one in the walk-in closet. It works perfect for us.

Pintrest is full of perfect ways on how to deal with laundry pile. Everyone is different and needs their own customized system. But one advice that I think fits for all is this: Don't have to many clothes. I am not talking about the the nice dresses in your closet,  I am talking about the everyday t-shirts, pants, underwear etc. If you have too many of everyday clothes, you may end up thinking you don't have to do laundry regularly and your laundry pile will get bigger and bigger. Avoid this and create an organizing system that works for you today. And if you need help getting started, call me for your free consultation!



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