Organize Your Home

Together we will organize your home the way you always envisioned.

We will create a space where you feel in control, able to think and relax.

Organize Your Life


Do you feel overwhelmed with life itself? Too many commitments? Constant stress? It's time to organize your life. We aim to establish long term relationships with our clients. We can help you not only organize your space, but many more aspects of your life as well. This is especially helpful for people who are chronically disorganized or/and are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Please contact us for a free consultation today!

Organize Your Small Business


Creating good systems and putting effective tools in place help you to be more efficient at operating and growing your business. We offer organizing solutions in the following areas:

Organize Your Move or

Downsizing Project


Don't pay to move unwanted items. Together, we will sort your items and find out what is worth moving for you. We pack it in boxes labeled for easy unpacking. Moving into a new house is the best time to establish a well organized home. We can also be a great support in helping you to unpack. Make the best choices about where your items would be stored best to create organizing solutions that will stick.

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Therese Tiedemann

Tidy Solutions for an Organized Life

phone: 503 875 9615