Testimonials for Tidy Solutions, LLC


I love going into my garage!


"I have been planning on thoroughly cleaning out my garage of 20 years of accumulation. This year I was considering downsizing but when I looked at what felt like a monumental task of decluttering; sorting and options for getting rid of the "stuff" I always looked for reasons not to deal with it. I did start decluttering the inside of my house by moving all the "stuff" I decided I did not want, to go into the garage until - it was filled to the brim. I would deal with it when I had time.......

Then I met Therese at local dinner party and she told me what she did! Perfect timing! Why not? Just 2 hours and she had a plan that made sense; helped me organize and move things; sort and pack each piece; make decisions on what made sense to keep or donate.......what she accomplished in that short time was amazing! And I felt like some weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I was hooked.

I love going into my garage and seeing the difference and finding things right where they are supposed to be. I love the organization but most of all I love the support; work; help and ideas Therese gave me. Worth every penny and I can park my car in the garage now! Thank you very much Therese."

- Homeowner, Tigard, Oregon

It made a huge difference!


"Tidy Solutions was friendly, professional and efficient. I hired them to help my mother declutter her home and even the first short session made a huge difference. If you feel overwhelmed by clutter or disorganization, it is money well spent. Even just a few hours with them can help you feel in control again."

- Homeowner, Salem, Oregon


Therese put me at ease


"It was so lovely working with Therese! She was thorough and thoughtful as she considered our kitchen ahead of time. Her communication was timely and I felt that she was reliable even before meeting her. The day of the "tidy" and "re-organization" she was prepared and ready to go. She knew exactly what steps to take and her approach and mindset put me at ease in light of such a daunting task. By the end of the process we had everything already packed up and ready to take to Goodwill and the kitchen.... looked AMAZING. It feels so freeing to have a space that is so clear and functional. It has made me so much more content with the items that we already have and a more savvy shopper as I don't want to introduce anything unnecessary and re-clutter. Therese checked in with me again a while after this process to see how things were going. There was one drawer that we talked through that wasn't quite living up to par and she helped guide me through this via e-mail very effectively. I highly recommend Therese!"
- Homeowner, Wilsonville, Oregon

My home office is so organized!


"Therese helped me organize my home office and the difference is amazing. She helped me to think through how I use each space and streamlined the set up of my business stuff versus my home stuff. She used items I already had to organize shelves and drawers. She helped me purge the stuff I don't need, and make the items I do use more easily accessible. I would highly recommend her services!" 

- Homeowner, Beaverton, Oregon

I feel much less cluttered


"Therese was amazing. She helped me clean my entire walking closet. She was able to help me choose clothes to keep that I loved and helped me get rid of many clothes I realized I don’t use. She’s also great at organizing by color and season of clothes. She’s very organized. She also sorted my purses, hats, and she even matched my hangers by color! She’s great at this job and I feel much less cluttered. I feel a huge weight has been lifted! Thank you Therese for your hard work! I recommend her to anyone!"

- Homeowner, Portland, Oregon

Therese saved me so much time and stress!

"I would highly recommend Tidy Solutions! We are all busy just living our daily lives. We may be capable of organizing ourselves but many of us have spaces in our home that are overwhelmed with clutter. After having Therese help me get a handle on our garage, I wonder why it took me so long to do this! She helped encourage me to get rid of things I really didn’t need to hold on to but still recognized when I wasn’t willing to budge. She went out of her way to make sure I found the resources I needed, such as where to shred important documents or how to turn those VHS tapes digital. What could of taken me a couple months and all my spare time turned into half day project. My time is important to me and she helped me save so much time and relieve some stress. THANK YOU!!"

- Homeowner, Tigard, Oregon



Therese Tiedemann

Tidy Solutions LLC

Telephon: 503 875 9615

Email: tidysolutionspdx@gmail.com

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